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With the global energy crisis and environmental crisis becoming more and more serious, our government actively promotes the application and development of new energy electric vehicles, To realize “overtaking at a curve”. As a green travel vehicle with broad development prospects, the popularity of electric vehicles is extremely rapid, and the future market prospect is extremely huge. As an important supporting infrastructure for the development of electric vehicles, charging piles have very important social and economic benefits.
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Fast, reliable, and accessible, keeping you charged on the go. Embrace the future of electric mobility with us.

  • What factors affect the service life of BEIHAI charging pile?

    When using electric vehicles, do you have the question, frequent charging will shorten the battery life? 1. Charging frequency and battery life At present, most of the electric vehicles are powered by lithium batteries. The industry generally uses the number of battery cycles to measure the servi...

  • A one-minute introduction to the advantages of beihai AC chargers

    With the popularization of electric vehicles, charging facilities are becoming more and more important. Beihai AC charging pile is a kind of tested and qualified equipment to supplement the electric energy of electric vehicles, which can charge the batteries of electric vehicles. The core princip...

  • DC Charge Station

    Product: DC Charge Station Usage: Electric Vehicle Charging Loading time: 2024/5/30 Loading quantity: 27 sets Ship to: Uzbekistan Specification: Power: 60KW/80KW/120KW Charging port: 2 Standard: GB/T Control Method: Swipe Card As the world shifts towards sustainable transportation, the demand fo...

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We produce 5w-700w solar panel, both mono and poly, 25 years warranty, full certificated.