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With the global energy crisis and environmental crisis becoming more and more serious, our government actively promotes the application and development of new energy electric vehicles, To realize “overtaking at a curve”. As a green travel vehicle with broad development prospects, the popularity of electric vehicles is extremely rapid, and the future market prospect is extremely huge. As an important supporting infrastructure for the development of electric vehicles, charging piles have very important social and economic benefits.
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Fast, reliable, and accessible, keeping you charged on the go. Embrace the future of electric mobility with us.

  • A detailed news article on AC EV charging post station

    An AC charging post, also known as a slow charger, is a device designed to provide charging services for electric vehicles. The following is a detailed introduction about AC charging pile: 1. Basic functions and characteristics Charging method: AC charging pile itself does not have direct chargin...

  • Behai Power Introduces New Trends in Electric Vehicle Charging For You

    New Energy Electric Vehicle AC Charging Piles: Technology, Usage Scenarios and Features With the global emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development, new energy electric vehicles (EVs), as a representative of low-carbon mobility, are gradually becoming the development directio...

  • Beihai Power Charging Piles: Leading Technology Boosts the Development of New Energy Vehicles

    In the rapidly evolving market of new energy vehicles (NEVs), charging pile, as a crucial link in the NEV industry chain, have garnered significant attention for their technological advancements and functional enhancements. The Beihai Power, as a prominent player in the ...

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We produce 5w-700w solar panel, both mono and poly, 25 years warranty, full certificated.